Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Weary World REJOICES

Just wanted to share this quote from a blog post I read from the KLRC morning show by Keri because I feel oh so weary, and this was such a wonderful reminder of where my hope lies during this difficult Christmas season without my Abigail. When I try, I just can't begin to fathom that God became a baby. I can hardly contain myself when I try to grasp what He's done for me.  It gives me so much hope and joy and peace and security, and I realize that He really is the only thing that matters.  Life is so much better when my focus remains on Him.

"And then I hear it again: the weary world rejoices.

The weary world. Not the happy world, or the ready world, or the excited world, or the calm-peaceful-perfectly-decorated-my-house-looks-like-a-Pinterest-board-and-nothing-is-ever-wrong world.

He came for us. The weary ones. The at the end of our ropes, desperate ones. And we can rejoice. Not because we will spend this Christmas surrounded by everyone we love, or because our house will be beautifully decorated, or because the perfect gift for every child will be wrapped waiting under the tree. No, we rejoice because a new and glorious day is coming… has come. When Christ came down to rescue the weary ones. We rejoice because He has broken the burden of sin and gives us hope of a future with no more pain or sorrow or toil.

Yes, I am weary. So weary. But there is a thrill of hope that dances with my weariness. Because a good and loving God saw my need and came to rescue me, rescue you, from the weariness."

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