Thursday, October 11, 2012

Capture Your Grief: Day 5


Abigail's flower bed we planted from some of the flowers that were given to us by friends and family.  It is much bigger than this now!

A pink dogwood tree planted for Abigail at work.  Pink dogwoods were everywhere when Abigail was born and passed away.  They will forever remind us of her.  They are a wonderful reminder of what Christ has done for us, and also a reminder that she is with Him! Praise the Lord!

A pink dogwood in our backyard planted by our friends.

This little rosebush was given to me while I was in the hospital by my sweet little grandmother.  It is huge now!

This butterfly changes colors at night and was given to us by our little friend, Kendyl.  It sits right next to the dogwood tree and we enjoy sitting outside in the evening watching it, thinking and talking about Abigail.

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