Thursday, November 15, 2012

A sermon by John MacArthur on The Salvation of Babies (Part 1)

"So, when an infant dies, he or she is elect to eternal salvation and eternal glory. So dear one, if you have a little one that dies, rejoice. Count not your human loss, count your eternal gain. Count not that child as having lost, but having gained, having passed briefly through this life untouched by the wicked world only to enter into eternal glory and grace. The true sadness should be over those children of yours who live and reject the gospel. Don't sorrow over your children in heaven, sorrow over your children on earth that they should come to Christ. This is your great responsibility, your great opportunity."

Here is the link.  You can read it while you listen, or just read/listen.  It is so good! 
The Salvation of Babies Who Die (Part 1)

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