Friday, November 16, 2012

Saved by the Blood of Jesus

I have been pondering Abigail's salvation and my salvation since listening to John MacArthur's sermon on the salvation of babies.  I am joyful because I grieve with hope.  The salvation of infants who have died truly is a beautiful illustration! Abigail is God's chosen elect! Incredible. He saved her no differently than He saved me: by grace alone. I had no more to do with my salvation than she did. What reassurance of my own salvation! When I stand before Jesus on judgment day, He will evaluate my life and I will be held accountable for my sins.  I love to think about when Abigail stands before the throne, and He tells her "Well done my good and faithful servant!" And she was such a faithful servant because she is still changing our lives and causing us to lean on Him. She was born with a sin nature, but by His mercy she was snatched away to His loving arms before she had a chance to sin.  And I will get to spend forever with her, and my Redeemer.

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